IALA Events

Marine Aids to Navigation in the Autonomous world

Working arrangements

Kick-off session

The purpose of the kick-off session is to set the scene, inform all particpants about the aims and goals of the event and how the workshop is structured. The kick-off session will also provide for participants to get familiar with the tools which will be used during the workshop.

Presentations and discussions

The workshop starts out with several presentations from a range of expert speakers covering topics of MASS, including plans, technologies and autonomy other transport sectors and the general sharing of views and opinions.

Working groups

After setting the scene with expert presentations and discussions, the workshop participants split into working groups, each focusing on a given aspect of the subject matter.

Collaborating in virtual meeting rooms

Each working group are given their own virtual audio/video meeting room (MS Teams) where they can discuss, exchange chats and share their desktop screens while collaborating on creating outputs. The primary deliverabe of the working groups are their working group reports and any other associated output papers.

Back-up links for MS Teams

MS Teams is the working platform for conducting meetings, however, due to some technical issues observed in the past, IALA has provided back-up links in Zoom to join the meetings if Teams would be down.

Sharing documents

During the workshop, working groups and participants can share documents using the IALA NextCloud file-sharing facility which is accessible via the workspace navigation menu. Any input papers to the workshop will be placed on the file-share.

Outcomes and reporting

At the end of the workshop, each working group presents the resuts of their deliberations at the final plenary session.

How and where the work gets done