IALA IHO joint workshop on S-100 & 200

Joint IALA/IHO workshop on S-100/200 development and portrayal

Norwegian Coastal Administration, Ålesund, Norway

05 – 09 September 2022

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Workshop conclusions

The workshop participants considered the various presentations that were given and the work conducted in the WGs and it was concluded that:

  • cooperation between the two international organizations is important to proceed with marine digitization, and in order to inform the shipping domain of the cooperation efforts between the two bodies. This could be facilitated by a possible joint workshop between international organizations such as IHO/IMO/IALA.
  • continued coordination and closer collaboration between IHO, IALA, IMO and other relevant bodies is essential to achieve globally harmonized solutions for S-100/200 development and portrayal, this could be achieved by the use of rapporteurs at the IALA committee level.
  • the transition from S-52 to S-101 portrayal is being progressed by IHO. Since IALA may have comments which can be put forward following the IALA ARM16 Committee meeting. This requires presentation of the draft portrayal symbols at the IALA ARM Committee meeting.
  • it was agreed upon that S-201 should be the update source for AtoN data for use by hydrographic authorities.
  • a clear and concise understanding of the purpose and use of S-125 was agreed upon. It was agreed that S-125 would be a suitable replacement for the List of Lights and Fog Signals and act as a bridging mechanism.
  • the joint IHO/IALA development of S-125 should continue and the dataset should include, at a minimum, the same AtoN data contained in the S-101 Product Specification. S-125 should be tested at the earliest opportunity utilizing the services of the IHO Singapore lab that have been offered for this purpose.
  • as there are differences in the frequency of when the S-101 data can be issued, which is to the best of the ability of the provider, the S-125 dataset should be updated at a frequency necessary to support navigational safety.
  • content in S-124 and S-125 should be coordinated on a regional level, in order to minimize data duplication.
  • integration of S-125 into ECDIS  is a medium term outcome but it will need immediate action in order to meet that goal.
  • IMO approved communication requirements (GMDSS) cannot efficiently communicate S-100 based data to mariners. In order to rapidly deliver time critical information to navigational equipment a secure broadband connection to the vessel is required in accordance with relevant IEC standards.
  • there is a need for a range of marketing communication, covering the necessity to adopt S-100 digital services, in a way that reaches a wider audience, especially policy makers, to emphasise the benefits such as reduced emissions, reduced costs, optimized loading and improved safety of life at sea and challenges such as resource requirements.
  • the skeleton that can form the basis of an IALA model course was defined. The proposed framework should be considered by the IALA academy for the creation of an S-100 training material and promotion.
  • S-97 is an IHO document, but S-100 is e-Navigation universal. Therefore, S-97 could be updated to capture non IHO-context better. The workshop suggests that a formal procedure on how S-97 updates are triggered and communicated is set up.
  • the IALA Secretariat should consider submitting an input paper to the S-100 working group before the December 2022 meeting recommending that an impact assessment should be made, on whether the S-100 Version 5.0.0 release requires an update of S-97.
  • IALA should consider updating Guideline G1106 on S-2xx management to include version control and update procedures etc.
  • IALA should consider requesting the S100P include S-2xx suite of data product specifications as part of their test-bed.
  • IALA considers developing a roadmap covering S-2xx suite and also considers the possibilities of no-ECDIS related S-100 products.

Workshop report

Please find the workshop report published here

Workshop file share

Please find the link to the workshop file share here

Working group outcomes

In order to achieve the workshop objectives participants will divide into three Working Groups (WGs). The titles and chairs of these WGs are:

WG 1 Initializing and productizing of S-100 series data
WG 2 S-201,124 and 125 development
WG 3 S-98 interoperability and Marine AtoN portrayal
Eivind Mong
Sewoong Oh    
Jorge Arroyo  

The outcomes that are expected from these WGs have been identified in the document below.

Working group outcomes (Click)

Workshop programme

Please find below the programme for the workshop on S-100/200 development and portrayal:

Technical Programme (Click)


In January 2010 the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) adopted S-100, a framework geospatial standard for hydrographic and related data. S-100 is aligned with the ISO 19100 series of geographic standards, thereby making the use of hydrographic and other geographic data more interoperable than using the present IHO S-57 data transfer standard.

IALA is establishing the S-200 domain, in consultation with IHO. This domain uses the range S-201 to S-299 for product specifications compliant with the IHO S-100 standard, covering fields within the IALA remit, including Aids to Navigation (AtoN), Vessel Traffic Services (VTS), positioning systems and communication systems.


The objective of the workshop is to:

  • Harmonize and open feedback channels between IHO and IALA regarding Product Specification requirements and development processes.
  • Share visions of the use of S-100 / S-200 among stakeholders.
  • Identify possible updates and recommend amendments to existing documents.
  • Provide clarity regarding the development of S-100 / S-200 based Product Specifications.


The workshop deals with S-100 / S-200 aspects. This will include a range of topics, such as:

  • Introduction of S-100;
  • Shared Experiences (lessons Learned);
  • Review of IHO, IALA Recommendations & Guidelines;
  • Portrayal;
  • Portrayal and user / OEM perspective; and
  • Harmonizing IHO & IALA PS Development.


The workshop will consist of presentations from a range of expert speakers covering topics including the  IHO GI Registry, the development of Product Specifications, IHO / IALA guidance, portrayal and the general sharing of views and opinions.

Following these presentations, working group sessions will be held on initializing and productizing S-100 series data, S-201,124 and 125 development and S-98 interoperability and Marine AtoN portrayal.

Workshop fee

The fee for the workshop is €250. The fee includes participation in all workshop sessions, a technical tour, lunch from Tuesday to Thursday and a workshop dinner.