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Delivering the service, designing the future

The International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) in association with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) is hosting a workshop on AtoN Engineering, to be held in Sydney, Australia, from 14th to 18th October 2024.

If you are interested, please kindly follow the registration procedures which are required for the participation to the workshop:

  • book the event through this link
  • Technical program:

The AtoN Engineering Workshop follows on from the successful series of IALA LITE-BATT workshops dating back to the 1990s. These were delivered by the IALA AtoN Engineering and Sustainability Committee (formerly EEP) and introduced to inform AtoN regulators, designers, manufacturers and providers of the emerging technologies such as LEDs, battery technology and solar generation. Time has moved on and while these remain important technologies the scope of the AtoN Engineer
has broadened; this workshop aims to capture that depth of technology.

The 2024 Workshop aims to cover all topics relevant to AtoN Engineering. Topics
will include:

  • A regional perspective of AtoN challenges in Australasia and the Pacific
  • the emerging technologies;
  • resilient PNT technologies;
  • lights;
  • power generation, and;
  • storage.

To give delegates the latest available AtoN Engineering updates and a glimpse into the future with emerging technologies along with their status. A key objective will be to review the IALA World Wide Academy (WWA) lesson content for AtoN Technicians and for the engineering components of the AtoN Manager course.

The one week Workshop will include presentations on all aspects of AtoN Engineering from a range of expert speakers and will review future candidate technologies. Then, it will split into working groups to review the WWA model course content to ensure it remains fit for purpose and up to date.

Managers, competent authorities, engineering and technical staff responsible for the delivery, operation and management of AtoN would benefit from attending the workshop.
Manufacturers of AtoN equipment and systems will also be in attendance.

The Workshop will be held at the PARKROYAL Darling Harbour, 150 Day Street, Sydney.

The fee for the workshop is €750 . The fee includes participation in all workshop sessions, a technical tour, workshop catering and a workshop dinner with cruise.

There are numerous accommodation options available in Darling Harbour. Accommodation is available at the venue, Parkroyal Darling Harbour. It is located in Sydney CBD (Central Business District). The registration website for the discount accommodation: 

All cancellations must be sent by e-mail to
A refund in full of the registration fee will only be provided if notification is given at least one week prior to the event. Otherwise, a cancellation charge of 50% will be applied. Name changes will be accepted. In case of a no-show, 100% of the registration fee will be charged.