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Joint IALA/IEC WG meeting on VDES Meeting 2

Web meeting (The link is open for registered participants)

September 27th 2021, 11:30 to 14:00 UTC

Information Meeting 2


Type:        web meeting (the link will be sent to registered participants)

Date:        September 27th 2021

Time:        11:30 to 14:00 UTC

Issue:        Discussion use case convergence for VDES

It will be a short meeting to get an update on the discussion of use case convergence for VDES.

Last meeting we started a list of use cases for further consideration and appointed point persons for the use cases.

Please see attached Excel list from last meeting and here < https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VOJtROUegighXmkTPRONOGujFCn_X81fcLl_OEvEGBM/edit#gid=0 > for the latest update.

Point persons are:

Johnny Schultz               < Johnny.Schultz@Sev1Tech.com <mailto:Johnny.Schultz@Sev1Tech.com>  >

Arunas Macikunas        <  arunas@wavesinspace.com <mailto:arunas@wavesinspace.com>  >

Tomonari Akamatsu     < t-akamatsu@spf.or.jp <mailto:t-akamatsu@spf.or.jp>  >

Andresa Lesch               < andreas.lesch@1st-relief.com <mailto:andreas.lesch@1st-relief.com>  >

@ point persons: please prepare for a short report on your task.

Information Meeting 1

IALA ENAV WG3 and IEC TC 80 WG15 agreed to hold joint meetings to progress the work towards a description of requirements for VDES suitable for inclusion in an IEC test standard.

Recommendation ITU-R M.2092 defines mainly requirements regarding the VHF Data Link, i.e. the behaviour on the radio link. An IEC standard specifies technical requirements, methods of test and required test results for equipment implementing the functions of the VHF Data exchange system (VDES) as defined in ITU-R M.2092.

To foster the development of a VDES test standard it was decided to hold intersessional joint IALA/IEC WG meetings with the possibility for physical and virtual participation.

Due to travel restrictions in most parts of the world due to the Corona crisis, the first session of the Joint IALA/IEC WG on VDES will be a web meeting instead of a personal meeting.

The aim of the meeting is to establish a working environment for the development of a draft VDES test standard that eventually shall become an international IEC standard.


  • Welcome to the meeting, short introduction of participants
  • Setting up the scene
    • Status / activity on VDES at IMO (Hideki Noguchi)
    • Status / activity on VDES at IEC (Stefan Bober)
    • Prototype development (manufacturers)
  • Discussion in use cases  -> converge use to see their impact on the VDES station design
  • Discussion on how to draft the VDES standard
    • One or more standards covering functions of VDES
    • Content, minimum requirements, method of tests, required results
    • structure of standard, ISO/OSI layers
  • Splitting the task
  • setting up sub groups

The meeting requires registration for attendance at IALA (Isabelle.bracq@iala-aism.org. and virginia.marshall@iala-aism.org).


The meeting will be held online (MS Teams), and the link will be sent to registered participants.

Contact:        Stefan Pielmeier                         Stefan Bober

Chair IALA ENAV WG3               Convenor IEC/TC80/WG15