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Cyber Security Workshop

The final report of the workshop can be downloaded here.

The International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) in association with the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) is holding a workshop on Cyber Security and its impact on the operation of Marine Aids to Navigation including Vessel Traffic Services and the relevant Maritime Services in the context of e-Navigation, to be held virtually from 15th to 19th November 2021 (10.00 UTC to 13.00 UTC).


The workshop will examine the threats to cyber security and the availability, effectiveness and implementation of risk mitigation measure their impact on the operation of Marine Aids to Navigation, including Vessel Traffic Services, in addition to examining the threats to the relevant Maritime Services. International guidance has been produced on cyber security measures and the workshop will facilitate the examination of this, along with practical experiences from expert speakers, to enable the formulation of IALA guidance utilising a risk-based approach for the mitigation of cyber security threats.


The objective of the workshop is to consider the scope, content and structure of IALA guidance on the management of cyber security in the provision of Marine Aids to Navigation, Vessel Traffic Services and relevant Maritime Services in the context of e-Navigation through:

  • Understanding cyber threats;
  • Discussion of the possible approaches to address cyber security threats;
  • Considering the importance of cyber security iin the development of systems; and
  • Sharing of cyber security threats and the analysis of actual incidents and lessons learned.

The output of the workshop will inform the IALA technical committees future work.


The workshop will deal with cyber security matters across all IALA domains. The workshop will cover a range of themes including:

  • Cyber security policy and procedures;
  • Awareness and education;
  • Analysis of cyber security issues in AtoN, including VTS and relevant Maritime Services in the context of e-Navigation;
  • Review of application cyber security standards;
  • Incident response and recovery planning; and
  • Business continuity management.


Over five days of half day virtual sessions, the workshop will consist of presentations from a range of expert speakers covering cyber security topics and case studies from the maritime sector and beyond to share expertise and general views and opinions. The latest cyber security scenarios, trends and threats will be discussed and the work already undertaken in the maritime domain by organisations including IALA, IMO, IHO and others will be reviewed. Following the presentations, working groups will be established to examine and discuss the scope and content of future IALA guidance on the management of cyber security.

Attendees, registration and fee

The workshop will provide a forum for discussion between different stakeholders which may include IALA national, industrial and associate members and sister organisations with an interest in all of the IALA technical committees. Other interested stakeholders and those with expertise in cyber security are encouraged to attend.

The fee for the workshop is €50 including participation in all workshop sessions The workshop has a maximum capacity of 95 participants.


Technical program overview

DAY 0 Kickoff – Friday 12th November 2021

Introduction of the purpose, scope and the working arrangement

DAY 1  – Monday 15th November 2021

  • Session 1 Opening of the workshop
  • Session 2 Presentations and discussion with expert speakers

DAY 2  – Tuesday 16th November

  • Session 3 Presentations and discussion with expert speakers
  • Session 4  Working Groups: IALA Guidance and roadmap

DAY 3  – Wednesday 17th November

  • Session 5, 6 and 7: Working Groups

DAY 4  – Thursday 18th November 2021

  • Session 8 Working Groups
  • Session 9 Report of Working group

DAY 5  – Friday 19th November

  • Session 10 Documentation review and closing