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Cyber Security Workshop

Being prepared

BIMCO Guidelines

The purpose of these guidelines is to improve the safety and security of seafarers, the environment, the cargo, and the ships. The guidelines aim to assist in the development of a proper cyber risk management strategy in accordance with relevant regulations and best practises on board a ship with
a focus on work processes, equipment, training, incident response and recovery management.

IMO MSC104 inputs

A number of documents related to cybersecurity will be considered in IMO MSC104 running from 4 to 8 October 2021:

  • IAPH Cybersecurity Guidelines for Ports and Port Facilities
  • Updates on recent developments related to maritime security (IMO Secretariat)
  • Update on French initiatives on cybersecurity

US Coastguard cyber strategic outlook

The document updates 2015 Cyber Strategy to ensure U.S. Coast Guard readiness to conduct all missions in a contested cyberspace, to secure the maritime transportation sector through a rules-based international order, and to identify and combat adversary activity in and through cyberspace.

The analysis of general cybersecurity requirements applicable to
ship’s e-Nav service display device based on international standards

This document is to provide information on the analysis of cybersecurity requirements based on the international standards to ensure cyber security for ship’s e-Navigation service display devices that provide maritime digital services.