Workshop on Digital maritime communication

Satellite VDES forum

On Friday 24 February 2023, the forum on Satellite VDES and international cooperation toward its social implementation will take place after the IALA workshop in the International Conference Hall, Sasakawa Peace Founation Building (virtual participation will be possible).


Registration is required through this link

Date and Time

Feb. 24 (Fri) 14:30-18:00 *After the IALA workshop is finished


International Conference Hall, Sasakawa Peace Foundation Bldg.

+ Live streaming

Expected participants
  • Members of VDES Alliance and Members of Satellite VDES Consortium
  • Participants of IALA workshop on digital maritime communication
  • Potential stakeholders of satellite VDES in Japan

Satellite VDES (VHF Data Exchange System) is attracting attentions as one of the next-generation maritime digital communication tools, and its standardization process is ongoing in IALA and other international organizations. While VDES Alliance was inaugurated in Europe, Satellite VDES Consortium was launched in Japan, toward the dissemination and commercialization of Satellite VDES. The aim of this forum is to discuss and identify the expected challenges, collaboration opportunities and other related issues toward the social implementation of satellite VDES.

Program (Provisional)
  • Opening remarks: Hide Sakaguchi (President, Ocean Policy Research Institute (OPRI) of the Sasakawa Peace Foundation)
  • Explanation of workshop’s objectives: Tomonari Akamatsu (Director,  Ocean Policy Research Institute (OPRI) of the Sasakawa Peace Foundation)
  • Keynote speech (15-20min): Tsuguo Awai (IALA Councilor / Maritime Security Program Director, Japan Coast Guard)

Chapter 1: Construction of infrastructure/systems – (10 mins presentations + 30 mins discussion)

Expected presenters

  • Lars Moltsen (Sternula)
  • Peter Bergljung / Magnus Nyberg (Saab)
  • Hans Christian Haugli (Space Norway)
  • Akira Shisa (IHI)
  • Takayoshi Fukuyo (ArkEdge Space)
  • Koichi Nishimura (Moderator, TST)

Discussion items

  • Introduction of VDES Alliance and Satellite VDES Consortium
  • Introduction of the activity of each company
  • Future challenges around the construction of infrastructure and systems of Satellite VDES
  • (Relating to the point above) Future potential collaboration


Chapter 2: Use-case, business model, operation and training – (10 mins presentations + 30 mins discussion)

Expected presenters

  • Jillian Carson-Jackson (JCJ Consulting)
  • Yoshihiro Sano (MOL Techno-Trade)
  • Axel Hahn (German Aerospace Center)
  • Koichi Yoshida (OPRI, video/online participation)

Discussion items

  • Demanded use-cases for the potential users
  • Business plan or ‘ecosystem’
  • Expected training in future

Live streaming and simultaneous translations are planned